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What is Safe Lockdowns?

In an active shooter or other high-alert situation, every second counts. In most schools, teachers are forced to walk into the hallway to lock the door. With an intruder onsite, this places them in unnecessary danger.

Safe Lockdowns (formerly known as Global Innovations) offers a collection of security products that focus on keeping teachers and students in the classroom and away from prying eyes. In fact, our Anti-Latch Device eliminates the need to exit the classroom entirely. Instead, teachers can use the device from the inside to lock the door—and keep intruders out.

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Why Safe Lockdowns

The Safe Lockdowns’ family of products provides numerous benefits.

Lowers Risk

It’s critical to stay out of sight when a dangerous intruder is present. Safe Lockdown products ensure teachers and students never have to leave the classroom and can’t be seen while sheltered in place.

Empowers Employee

No specialized knowledge or training needed to use Safe Lockdown products. After your maintenance personnel install the devices on classroom doors, even students can operate them with ease.

Saves Time

The Anti-Latch Device deactivates with a quick pull of a lever, saving valuable seconds that teachers would need to locate their keys, walk outside the classroom, lock the door, and reenter.

Works in a Budget

Safe Lockdown products were originally designed for school use. Like schools, many businesses can sometimes be strapped for funding, and our products are affordable for all budgets.


Safe Lockdowns has three key products that help safeguard your employees, teachers, and students.

Anti-Latch Device

Help everyone make it from “lockdown” status to “all clear” with Safe Lockdown’s Anti-Latch Device. You can install it in just a few minutes without any tools.

Double Door Anti-Latch Device

Start your safety preparation before intruders even enter the building with the Double Door Anti-Latch Device. As its name implies, this product works similar to the Anti-Latch Device, only its made specifically for double doors.

Security Film

Keep teachers and kids from being seen in the classroom when an intruder is present. Place our Security Film over your windows and watch the film go from see-through to a mirror-like view once the classroom lights go off.

Use Cases

Safe Lockdown is suitable for a number of public and private applications.

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Public Schools

government building

Government Buildings

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office building

Office Buildings

private schools

Private Schools

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