Our Mission: Creating Safer Schools Through Cutting-Edge Security Solutions

The Safe Lockdowns Story: Born from a Passion for Student Safety

Safe Lockdowns (formerly known as Global Innovations) products were created by Thomas Keuhn, inventor and longtime school administrator. Having in-depth knowledge of the school system and its safety concerns, he created products that made protecting teachers and students much easier.

Invented in 2006, Safe Lockdowns’ anti-latch device has been installed in schools thousands of schools in all 50 states, Canada and Mexico. Every component of our products is proudly made in the USA. The Safe Lockdown family of products saves precious seconds in times of crisis, and empowers everyone—employees, teachers, students, and more—to keep themselves and others safe. Our Anti-Latch Device ensures your teachers don’t have to worry about locking the door during a crisis. Instead of searching for their keys, teachers can simply pull a lever to latch the door from the inside. Operating the device is so easy even students can do it. The Double Door Anti-Latch Device operates in the same manner as its sister product, only for double doors. This device helps keep intruders from ever making it past the entrance. Our Security Film adds an extra layer of visual protection for teachers and students sheltered in place in the classroom. The film goes from see-through to a mirror-like finish when interior lights are off. So all an intruder will see is their own reflection.

Meet Our Team

Wilkie Jason

Jason Wilkie, Owner & CEO

Whether it’s launching a new business venture or helping someone upgrade their life, there’s a common thread you’ll find in whatever Jason Wilkie does – and that’s bringing out the best in the companies and people he works with.

On the entrepreneurial and business side, Jason wasted little time after graduating from Florida State University in purchasing two Little Caesar’s restaurants. Within 4 years, his portfolio of restaurants grew to 12 and included additional brands. While he was the youngest franchise owner among his peers, he was often looked to for best practices, mentorship, and marketing advice.

Jason also saw a need for trucking services in the upper Midwest during the oil boom and established Cimarron Capital, a holding company for energy-centric trucking, logistics, and equipment leasing businesses. Within 3 years, he had grown revenue 985%.

But even after finding much personal and professional success, Jason wasn’t satisfied. He realized that there was still a missing link between the theories of how to be successful and the practical applications that can actually help get you there. Since then, it has been his aim to bridge these gaps that exist and create fun, effective and powerful experiences that help people and businesses initiate positive and sustainable change.

Today Jason remains active in building innovative companies – his most recent venture being Safe Lockdowns LLC, a product and services organization focused on improving the safety of students, teachers, and support staff on school campuses. Jason lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife and three children where he enjoys mountain biking, working with youth sports leagues, delivering leadership development seminars to teenagers, and raising the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.


Ashley Widener, Senior Project Director

Ashley Widener’s role as the Senior Project Director with Safelockdowns has added new ideas, networking, and direction to the company.

In her position as Executive Vice President of Widener & Associates, a Governmental Affairs and Association Management Firm, Ashley

While at Widener & Associates, Ashley had a successful campaign for the Fulton County School Board. She represented parts of Johns Creek and Alpharetta, GA. She served from 2006-2010. At that time, she also served on the committee for Johns Creek to become its own independent city and was also co-host of the Political InSighter.

Prior to joining Widener & Associates, Ashley represented the Georgia Pharmacy Association to the legislative and executive branches of State Government in Georgia, managed Pharm PAC (GPhA’s political action committee) by soliciting donations as well as recommend expenditures and coordinated overall membership recruitment and retention efforts.

After receiving her BSW from the University of Georgia, she was the Executive Director of the Hope House in Savannah, GA. Ashley remains active in her church and community.

Maria Dehart

Maria DeHart, Senior Project Director

Maria DeHart has been a professional fundraiser over 30 years and raised more than $33 million. Maria was selected as Outstanding Fundraising Executive of the Year in 2015 by AFP Central SC Chapter. In addition, she has served as Past President for the South Carolina Planned Giving Council and Past President for the Association of Fundraising Professionals Central Carolina Chapter and past board member for Youth Corps. Maria strongly believes her calling is to improve our community for the future generation which she hopes will include grandchildren for her one day. In fundraising, she has had the opportunity to work in a variety of industries with different environments such as economic development, health and human service, early childhood education and healthcare. When Maria learned about the SafeLockdowns product, she knew immediately that this product would work to secure employees and clients during any type of security issue whether it was in schools, office workplaces, doctor’s offices, churches of child development centers. In today’s world, a cost-effective device to secure doors provides peace of mind not only for the people in the room but for their loved ones as well.

Kuehn Tom

Tom Kuehn, Inventor

Thomas is a former public school district administrator in the state of Washington, who began his public school career as a carpenter’s helper. He worked his way up through the ranks to become the Director of Maintenance and Operations for the Olympia School District. For many years Thomas served on the board of the Washington Association of Maintenance & Operations Administrators (WAMOA) and became president of the organization in 2005. After leaving public school service, Thomas worked for the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) in Washington as the program manager of the Department of School Facilities and Organization. He ended his school career as the interim Associate Vice President, Facilities Management, for Pacific Lutheran University. Thomas, is an inventor and the holder of two patents, School Safe and Take A Seat. He lives in Southern Nevada.

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